Custom Cookie Designs


Christi Lynn Cookies creates designs on soft, freshly baked sugar cookies. Let us know what you envision, or we can propose creative designs or themes for your cookies to make your event or gift special and unique.


Each cookie design is unique, so please note that pricing varies by intricacy of design and size of cookie. We know you're browsing to get an idea of what we charge.Please do contact us so we can supply you with an accurate quote!


What Makes Christi Lynn Cookies Different?

Christi’s sugar cookies are completely artisan. They are the product of hours of designing and carefully hand-icing layers of intricate colors, patterns, and details. No conveyer belts, no automated decorating, no mass production — it’s all done the old fashioned way…made fresh to order, hand rolled, cut and decorated. We follow strict quality standards on all cookies created and guarantee consistent, fresh, and high quality cookies each time.

Yes, they are gorgeous, but do they taste good? 

Absolutely! We aren't just a pretty cookie -  these cookies taste amazing! We know that fresh, quality ingredients provide the best flavors!  These are soft-baked buttery goodness that practically melt in your mouth. All cookies are made from scratch – using natural ingredients and no preservatives.  


For a unique, memorable and delicious treat that creates a lasting impression, look to Christi Lynn Cookies for your next celebration, favor, gift, promotional giveaway or corporate gift.  These cookies make a lasting impression! We strive for customer satisfaction and we work with you every step of the way to ensure that your order is the center of attention! 




Custom designed sugar cookies for every occasion... weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, corporate events, holidays, anniversaries, and more!